20 keto something

Incorporating a healthy keto diet into a busy young life

Keto & a busy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a tricky thing to do, but even more so when you’re young, busy and going through many changes in your day to day life. First off all, there is no quick fix diet that will keep you healthy and quickly reduce your weight and maintain this.

When I moved in with my boyfriend, a few years ago we just bought all the groceries we wanted en enjoyed, not being too concerned about the unhealthy choices we made. This led to us both gaining more than 20 kilo each! We both eventually reached a point on which we were kind of disgusted of what we did to our bodies and started our weightloss journey which led to a newer healthy lifestyle we both enjoy a lot. My mom introduced my a few years before this to a diet called the keto diet, we tried, she persevered while I kind of slacked after 6 months. I did loose some weight but when moving in with my boyfriend grocerie-shopping turned into a candy-shopping experience in which we threw everything in our cart that we liked, chocolate, sweets, you name it. So after the initial shock of both gaining a lot of weight we wanted to make a change to our bodies, and minds, because our brains ached for sugary food and drinks. So having tried the keto-diet before and quickly losing weight, we immediatly knew what diet we wanted to start, which we did.
Initially we lost 1 kilo a week, which is a very quick way to loose the first 10 kilo. After that we wanted to work some more on our bodies so we also started working out in the gym, this quickened the process. In less then 1 year we both lost 20 kilo (44lb) and felt a lot more confident in our bodies. After the doing a lot of cardio we also started lifting weights, this did increase our muscle weight so the weightloss slowed down a bit. Now we still train 3 times a week and follow the keto diet, giving us much more energy and maintaining a healthy weight. We try new things, such a vitamins, supplements and a lot of recipes to incorporate the keto diet into our busy lives. My workdays are all over the place, working in the event-industry (night time, weekends, long days) and my boyfriend works in IT and is still finishing his last study. On this blog I will try to help busy young folks out with their diets, lifestyle even the little changes will have effect if you keep going, you can also do it!


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