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Incorporating a healthy keto diet into a busy young life

Keto BBQ

Whilst in the middle of summer here we love to hang out with friends in the park and occasionally have a barbeque with them. Barbecuing on keto is quite easy though if you enjoy meat as much as I do. But even if you’re following a vegan keto diet style or just not that into eating lots of meat there are some great vegetable options also to stay in ketosis whilst enjoying a bbq.

Also don’t forget that the usual sauces like bbq-sauce, garlic, or whatever you enjoy most, mostly contain lots of sugar, sometimes even hidden sugars. So I recommend making the sauces yourself, there are some great keto sauce recipes out there like these:
– Garlic sauce recipe
– BBQ sauce recipe
– Quacamole sauce
Then for the meatlovers (just like me) you can easily buy any none breaded of battered meat like chicken, pork, sausages, fish, bacon and steak. These are full of healthy fats, protein and low in carbs (very low). Another great option is to prepare some of these lovely recipes containing meat:
– Pulled pork
– Steak kabobs
– Grilled chicken
For anyone looking for some meat-free recipes, these are delicious ( and ofcourse a salad is also a great refreshing option):
– BBQ tofu
– Roasted cauliflower

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