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What happened to my body on OMAD KETO

After following the keto diet for more than one year I started developing a snacking habit which led to me eating 6 times a day (including 2 sometimes 3 snacks). This did lead to weightloss and reaching my goal-weight and even losing some extra weight too, but the amount of eating could be less in my opinion. This is where I came across something called OMAD, this dieting style restricts you to one meal a day in which you have to eat all your daily macro’s. The positive side of this is that most of the time your unable to eat all your calories in one meal (mostly up to 1200/ 1500 a day) leading to weightloss and less cravings.
Here is how I experienced OMAD on Keto:

Day 1- Starting out
The first day was on a Friday, a normal day at work. I started in the morning because the last thing I ate was around 6pm the evening before. Drinking enough water and some coffee helped me alot, my stomach did start to growl around 3pm but this was quickly over when sipping some coffee and water. I was feeling hungry around 6 pm when my OMAD-hour started and I ate quite a meal with all my keto nutrients and a bowl of yoghurt afterwards.

Day 2- Feeling better
In the morning I still felt quite stuffed, not bloated though, until late in the afternoon. Because this was a rest day for me I felt a few more cravings but took care of them by drinking water and coffee. Around dinner time I felt very hungry and ate quite the meal to feel fullfilled again.

Day 3- Extreme bloating
I was feeling fine the whole day, taking in some salts and water while getting in the sun and swimming. It was a perfect day for swimming so we went on a boat trip, I ate quite a big pokebowl with lettuce instead of rice which made me extremely bloated and have some bowel isseus 2 hours later. Drinking water with lemon and ginger lessened the bloating but it didn’t go quite away.

Day 4- Feeling clear
Mental clarity has washed over me and I feel fine, working out, drinking enough and later that day not feeling hungry around dinner time. The bloating went away in the morning and didn’t come back after dinner this evening which I was really happy about.

Day 5- Coffee helps
A light working day led to mental clarity and I felt quite happy, drinking coffee when feeling hungry helped out and got me through the day. I did experience quite a hungry feeling around dinner time, this could be because this was quite the mentally challenging day.

Day 6- Sick, lightheadedness
The day started out fine, but after doing some physical work I started feeling dizzy. Drinking some water and getting fresh air didn’t help either so I went home sick. After eating some full fat yoghurt nuts and eggs I felt better and went to sleep a bit. I used ketostix to see what was really happening and this told me that there are some amount of ketones in my body even after eating, around 2 mmol/L. This is a small amount as the minimal amount is 0.5 and the biggest measured amount can be 16 mmol/L.  

So in my opinion fasting (like OMAD) can be done on keto but moderately by skipping meals if you don’t feel like you need to eat. The OMAD way of fasting did make me feel less hungry throughout the day but the negative effect on the 6th day made me stop this fasting method. I did learn that it is key to listen to your body and feed it when you are craving food, don’t keep snacking (even keto-proof snacks) when you aren’t feeling hungry.

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