20 keto something

Incorporating a healthy keto diet into a busy young life

Facts every keto-dieter should know

When following a keto diet people start asking questions and maybe doubting your way of eating and living. Atleast this is what I experience on a daily base. Here are some keto-myths debunked to stay educated and help others:

“Your body needs carbs
Our body’s can get all of our functional nutrient needs from a diet of healthy fat and protein without eating carbs. When your body runs out of carbs and sugar to burn  it will switch over to fat burning which makes you lose weight, when you are in this state it is called ketosis. It’s also almost impossible toe at zero carbs at all because vegetables and fruits contain some carbs and even meat can contain some carbs. Your body can perfectly function on burning fat for fuel and contrary to longstanding beliefs, carbs are not necessary for your body to function.

“Taking out certain foods is dangerous
Leaving out carbs and other sources could leave to kidney stones, vitamin deficiencies and is indeed dangerous. But when you are tracking your food intake and your macro’s you can perfeclty see what your body is missing and you can supplement these missing compounds. This leads to you knowing what your body needs and making sure your body gets all the important nutrients. Most people on a regular diet or even no diet don’t track their macro’s as much, making it harder to know what their body is missing.

“You are missing fiber”
It is true that when you skip foods high in carbs you’re missing out on fiber intake, but you can get enough by eating these keto-proof foods high in fiber: berries, almonds, cauliflower, macademia nuts, avocado and brocolli. If you struggle with diarrhea or frequent bowel movements, try including more of these foods into your diet.


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