20 keto something

Incorporating a healthy keto diet into a busy young life

Must read keto books

The case for keto- Gary Taubes

A book based on research and lots of interviews with practising physicians who embrace a ketogenic lifestyle. Taubes reveals why the guidelines to eating healthy might bet he wrong approach to weigtloss for most people and how ketogenic diets can help many people achieve a healthy weight for the rest of their lives.

Keto answers- Dr.Anthony Gustin and Chris Irvin

Dr. Gustin Is a medicine clinician who uses lowcarb diets on thousands of patients and is the founder of perfect keto. The book contains questions and answers, infographics and tips & tricks.

The complete Ketogenic diet for beginners- Amy Ramos

A starter guide to keto with first everything you need to know about starting on keto, a 14-day meal plan, shopping list and recipes.

The case against sugar- Gary Taubes

With his signature command of both straight talk and science, Gary delves into American’s history with sugar, correcting misconceptions and providing necessary perspective to make informed decisions about sugar.


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