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Incorporating a healthy keto diet into a busy young life

Do you need to count calories on keto?

Losing weight is essentially an energy shift in your body, instead of consuming more calories than your body is burning, you are shifting this to burning more calories than you are consuming. But on a ketogenic or general lowcarb diet counting carbs isn’t that much recommended. Let’s find out why!

When on a lowcarb diet you are mostly getting your calories from fat and protein, these nutrients are quite calorie-dense. Foods containing lots of healthy fat and protein do tend to be more satieting than carbohydrate-rich foods. This mostly prevents overconsuming on calories.

You are not required to count calories on the keto-diet but experts still recommend keeping track of them. Women are recommended a daily macro of 1200-1500 calories and men 1500-1800 a day while still losing weight. Despite being in ketosis you can still gaiun weight by overeating on calories, excess calories will lead to weight gain. This can be reduced through excercise and thus burning more than you are consuming. A recent study found that people in ketosis burn 300 more calories a day than people who aren’t in ketosis, this is likely due to thermogenesis, the way your body generates heat/ energy from food calories.

To conclude, burning more calories than you are consuming is the only way to lose weight. On a keto or low-carb diet this is more easy as the majority of your calories come from fat and protein, highly satiating and less likely to be overeaten nutrients.



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