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Incorporating a healthy keto diet into a busy young life

Keto lifestyle

Keto & a busy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a tricky thing to do, but even more so when you’re young, busy and going through many changes in your day to day life. First off all, there is no quick fix diet that will keep you healthy and quickly reduce your weight and maintain this.

Weightlifting on Keto

Loosing weight on a keto diet is often the main reason for people starting this diet, but this also means loosing muscle mass, which isn’t most people’s goal. So incorporating a balanced keto-diet into your lifestyle is crucial.

Creatine on Keto

Almost 4 weeks ago I started using Creatine while maintaining my keto diet lifestyle. After doing quite some research, listening podcasts and trying to find all the information about this supplement I decided to give it a try and take the recommended 5 grams a day.

Video: Low fat vs sugar

I stumbled upon a video recently shortly explaining what has happened in our food industry years ago.

Keto BBQ

Whilst in the middle of summer here we love to hang out with friends in the park and occasionally have a barbeque with them. Barbecuing on keto is quite easy though if you enjoy meat as much as I do. But even if you’re following a vegan keto diet style or just not that into…

Fast-food on keto

When I travel for work I sometimes have to get some take-out food from fast food chains like McDonald’s. Ofcourse this isn’t the most ideal situation for a keto diet but sticking to eating your fats will keep you into ketosis.Burgers without bread are a great option for getting your fats and proteins, ofcourse be…

About Me

Hi, I’m Sjoukje. Working fulltime and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle incorporating the keto diet into an active life. Let’s inspire people with recipes, tips and tricks for their daily keto lifestyle!